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Sea Glass Pendant & Silver (925) Cross - Sea Foam

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Sea Foam Sea Glass pendant (only) combined with Sterling Silver Cross. Handmade.

Sea Foam is the turquoise / bluish / Aqua color Sea Glass kind. 
This color is so gentle and so beautiful that it is hard not to receive compliments on such a piece of jewelry.

Keep with you small piece from the depth of the sea. 

An elegant and stunning Sea glass jewelry that got its unique shape by the Master of nature – our Lord. To honor that, we add on top of the Sea glass, a small 925 Silver Cross sign that moves freely side to side and make it even more interesting.

Our special features for this product:

  • For nature and sea lovers
  • Handmade and "one of a kind" piece
  • 925 Silver Cross sign 
  • Made and send to you direct from the Holy Land

 To what should I pay attention

The pendant is made of natural Sea Glass  - a piece of glass that shaped through time by the sea waves and sand until it's smooth.
Each piece of jewelry is unique and different depending on the shape of the glass, and there may be small size / color / shape differences between the picture and the real jewel.
Also, the color of the glass becomes more transparent and shiny when wet and in a dry state - Opaque and murky.

Avoid dropping the jewelry (the pendant can crack or break), and it is not recommended to enter into pools or salt water with the jewelry.
Clean with material suitable for silver and with much care.

This listing is for the pendant alone (Without a necklace). We also offer different silver necklaces here in HOLYmoly. Browse the Jewelry collection or enter "silver necklace" in the search bar (top right).

Pendant dimensions:
About 2cm length
Wide: about 1cm

1 Inch = 2.5 Cm

** A handmade item, please allow some minor changes in size and colors.

Main Materials: sterling silver 925,  natural Sea Glass.

*** Remove before entering the pool or Salty water. 



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