Messianic Prayer Shawl / Covenant Prayer Shawl / "Tallit"

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A beautiful and detailed prayer shawl with this touching Quote on its diadem:

Blessed are you O Lord God King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the Torah through Yeshua the Messiah and has covered us with His righteousness.”

Gold embroidery decorations and woven blue thread make this item so unique and exciting.

Jesus had the prayer shawl on when in the Temple.
All corners contain the white and blue thread. Prayers placed on the four corners are in English.

Special features

  • Matching bag with zipper closing
  • Different colors
  • Fits men and women who want to pray with plenty of intention


*** Polyester. Wash by hand in cold water. It is recommended to be ironed when a piece of fabric is placed between the iron and the prayer shawl for protection, with medium heat.

General measurement:
230 cm wide X 53 cm high

1 inch = 2.5 cm




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