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Jerusalem Stone Earrings with Jerusalem silver Cross

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White Jerusalem stone drop earrings combined with Sterling Silver. Handmade.
A delicate and noble jewelry.
At the bottom of the stone hang a silver cross with "Jerusalem" inscription on the back.

Both beautiful and meaningful: walk with something from this ancient and Holy city.

Who is it suitable for?
Anyone who prefers dainty jewelry, any color tone, anyone who gets the chills when thinking of Jerusalem.

What to take into consideration?
This is a piece of jewelry with natural stone and handwork. Each earring is unique, no earring the same as the other. If you are looking for 100% symmetry and precision, you should choose a piece of mass-produced and automatic machinery.

To what should I pay attention?
The natural stone is sealed with the appropriate material to maintain its durability. However, the stone is held by the stone seat and not affixed with glue, so avoid dropping the jewelry (the stone can be released or even crack) and not recommended to enter into pools or salt water with the jewelry.
Clean with material suitable for silver and with much care.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and different depending on the shape of the stone, and there may be small size / color / shape differences between the picture and the real jewel.

Lenght: 3cm
Wide: about 1.5cm

1 Inch = 2.5 Cm

** A handmade item, please allow some minor changes in size and colors.

Main Materials:  sterling silver, Jerusalem stone.

*** Remove before entering the pool or Salty water. 



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