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Premium Incense Charcoal 2 Packages (20 pieces)

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Premium charcoal for burning frankincense grains.

Coal discs lighted with a lighter (without the need for heating on stove or gas), long combustion time, reduced smoke and odor.
Especially suitable for domestic use with an incense burner / incense censer. 

How to use:
To turn on the coal, burn it with a lighter for about 10 seconds until the coal turns red. Only then the coal ready to use.

Please be aware when using the burner - it gets very hot. use the wood handle/holding handle to grab it.
At the end of the routine, pour some water on the charcoal/ash. Don't leave the hot charcoal/ash unattended.

*** The listing is for charcoal only. We sell Frankincense Incense and copper Burner / Censer in our store also. 

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