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Baptism Set

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The christening ceremony of a newborn baby is exciting. It is time to sanctify the child and declare him a Christian.
But there is a way to make the baptism even more special and rememberable by all the participants:
Baptize the baby in Holy Water collected directly from the Jordan River - the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, Anoint the baby with authentic, high-quality anointing olive oil produced in the Holy Land, and for those who want to add an aroma to the matter - burning Jerusalem Frankincense - a scent that cries out HOLINESS.

We offer a unique baptism package:
* 100 ml holy water from the Jordan River.
* 8 ml high-quality anointing oil approved by the Church and the Israeli Ministry of Health (choose your favorite scent).
* 10 grams of Jerusalem frankincense + high-quality charcoal for burning the frankincense.

We packed everything in a delicate organza bag so you can even bring it as a gift!

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