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Posh Incense Copper burner / censer + FREE charcoal (3 pieces)

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For burning Frankincense / incense.

In the routine of home cleaning and blessing, a copper burner is an essential tool. A place to put the charcoal and the incense grains.

Dimensions: about 16cm high X 13cm wide.

Please be aware when using the burner - it gets very hot. use the holding handle to grab it.
After the end of the routine, pour some water on the charcoal/ash. Don't leave the hot charcoal/ash unattended.

 In order to keep the tool clean, it is recommended to pad the burner with foil and place the incense / coal on the foil and replace it in every use.

*** the listing is for copper burner only. We sell incense and charcoal in our store also. 

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