Holy Land Services

We are fortunate to conduct our business in the Holy Land.
Our operating base is about an hour's drive from Jerusalem and we arrive, in the meantime, once a month to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Accordingly, we offer various services to Christian all over the world that can not come to this very special and Holy place.

We place for our customers a variety of items on The Stone of Anointing (also known as The Stone of Unction) - Where the body of Christ was laid down after being removed from the crucifix and prepared (anointed and wrapped in linen cloth) for burial.

This 6 meters stone, thereby, believed to transfer from its Holiness to the item you put on it.

Many believers who come to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, kneeling over the Stone of the Anointing, praying and laying down a variety of objects that they would later take to their homes and loved ones.
During our visits, we saw believers putting pictures of loved ones, photos of people with illness seeking their recovery, baby socks, jewelry, clothing, cell phones and even clean tissues they rub on the stone to put in their purses and carry with them everywhere.

We also offer to Light a Candle in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (filmed on video)
on your behalf or for loved one and ask for health/abundance/ fertility/protection
or any other legitimate request.

You can choose whether you want to let the candle stay lit up in the church or prefer that we put it off and send it to you by mail.

Please review our range of options and contact us for further inquiries if necessary.

Is there another service you would like from the Holy Land? Tell us about it.