4 Christians ways to "CLEAN" your home & living space

Research into the field of spiritualism has shown that spirits have proven the existence of spirit, ghosts and other spiritual entities some of which are malevolent in nature. Different religions including Christianity believe in the existence of a spiritual realm where spirits and other entities reside. While some of these spiritual entities are good in nature and protect us, others are malevolent and seek only to destroy and cause us harm. These are the entities that require a cleansing or anointing. Most of these entities attach themselves to objects, a house or a person.

To get rid of such malevolent entities, Christianity suggests that a cleansing or anointing be conducted which can either be done via the use of Holy Water, Anointing Oil, Frankincense or Burning of Church Candles among others. Christian cleansing and anointing provide a way through which a person can get rid of negative energy and entities in order to keep the environment and body peaceful, safe, vibrant and full of positive energy. This article provides a user manual on how to use the four aforementioned elements to perform a Christian cleansing or anointing.

  1. Cleansing with Anointing Oil

The use of anointing oil in Christian anointing and cleansing is as old as the Bible itself. Mentioned twenty-two times in the Bible, anointing oil was used to make holy and dedicate the temple of the Lord and also to anoint the head of a high priest. Similarly, anointing oil can be used to cleanse a house or our own body of malevolent entities and negative energy. However, it is important to note that when anointing oil is being used for such purposes, the oil is just oil; the power lies in your faith in Jesus Christ.

To use Anointing oil to cleanse a house of negative energy and create a peaceful, safe and vibrant atmosphere:

  • First, purge your home of unnecessary junk as well as all things that give out any form of negative vibe or that may possess evil roots. Once, that has been done, properly clean the whole house including the garage, attic, and basement. It is important to surround yourself with things that give out a positive vibe such as photos of family and friends, places you love, flowers and ornaments.
  • Once the first step is complete, take the anointing oil and begin anointing all the door and window frames of your house. While doing so, in the name of whom you consider a higher power – God, Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael or Holy Mary, command all malevolent and evil entities to leave your house. Remember that with faith, all things are possible.
  • So, in faith, order all evil spirits out of your house and ask God to send his angels to protect and guard you and your premises. In doing so, your house becomes a holy ground free from all evil and negative energy. ready for cleansing and dedication to the Lord.


  1. Cleansing with Holy Water

Another element used in cleansing and/or anointing is Holy Water. Holy Water is simply water which has been sanctified through prayer and which can be used in blessing places, persons or objects and as a means of combatting evil. Holy water is also used in Baptism so as to wash away all sins and make anew a person.

Holy water is believed to have a burning effect on ghosts and other malevolent spirits. This is why it is used by many in the cleansing of their homes, offices, and cars. To cleanse a house using Holy Water:

  • Simply walk through your house and sprinkle the water around all the doors and windows of your house and also in the rooms and corners of the house. Also, sprinkle the Holy Water in those places of the house where paranormal activities take place.
  • While sprinkling the water, call on the Lord, Jesus Christ through faith and prayer to come and cleanse your house, office or car of all evil and negative Again, it is important to note that without faith, the Holy Water is but mere water.


  1. Cleansing using Church Candles

Another simple but very effective method through which a house can be cleansed of malevolent spirits and negative energy is by using candles. White candles can be lit and used to cleanse a house of unclean spirits. While other colors, white candles are usually recommended because white represents enlightenment. Also, there is the belief that the white candle will help draw in angels and other agents of the lights to fight and drive away agents of darkness.

The type or color of the candle, however, is of very little importance. What is important is the faith and belief in a higher power – God, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary or the Archangel Michael, which has the power to drive out all malevolent spirits. To cleanse a house using a candle, simply light the candle and while saying a house cleansing prayer, move through all the rooms of the house.


  1. Cleansing using Frankincense

Frankincense is believed to have a repelling effect on ghosts and other malevolent spirits. This element was among the three gifts presented to the Baby Jesus by the three wise men. This element can be mixed or blended with other elements such as myrrh, lemon, sage, and sandalwood among others, or it can be used alone. This method is simple, quick to perform and effective. If malevolent spirits and negative energies.

Alternatively, if the Frankincense is in resin or herbal form, a cleansing can be done by burning the incense on charcoal and moving through each room.

  • The Frankincense can be burnt in an incense burner of some kind.
  • Once the Frankincense has been burnt, enter each room of the house through the main door and move around the room in a counterclockwise direction praying and commanding all evil and malevolent spirits to flee your house.
  • Make sure you open all closets and drawers such that the aroma of the incense reaches every corner of the house.
  • Once you are finished with the room, go out through the same door you entered through to complete the circle.
  • Move on to the next room and continue the cleansing until all rooms have been done. The incense can also be put in a diffuser and placed in the rooms such that the aroma reaches all corners of the house.
  • Watch our short video on this subject.





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