3 ways to use quality Anointing oil except during prayer

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 3ways to use quality Anointing oil except during prayer

Anointing oil is the ultimate prayer helper for any Christian.
Quality and perfumed Anointing oil is a powerful tool that you can enjoy beyond prayer time.
Anointing oil is consists of virgin olive oil mixed with natural flower extracts.

The following short guide shows three uses to Anointing oil to improve any mood, keep you elevated and religiously connected.

*** In any case, make sure that you are using natural, high-quality, safe-to-use Anointing oil (approved by the Ministry of Health).

Use Anointing oil as perfume
Olive oil nourishes the skin, and the natural fragrance extracts can be used as a natural and pleasant perfume. No more chemical mixture that can irritate the skin or smell really bad as in contact with different skin types.
Before you leave the house in the morning, rub one drop (no need for much) on your wrists and behind your ears and get a scent that will reap compliments and leave you with a fresh and pleasant sense of spiritual protection.
You can even find roll-on Anointing oil for more comfortable use.
And of course, there are also scents suitable for men.

Use Anointing oil as a home fragrance mist
You can make your own home reed diffuser.
In a small glass container, pour odorless carrier oil/base oil ( Safflower, almonds and such), and a few drops of scented Anointing oil. The ratio should be one to four or three - depending on how scented strength you want (about 1/4 cup carrier oil to 1/16 cup scented Anointing oil). Stir slightly and put the reeds in the container. It is best to use rattan reeds which are perforated and allows the smell to pass freely but you can also use bamboo skewers.
Use it in an Aromatherapy essential oil burner by pouring some water to the top of the heater. Add a few drops of scented Anointing oil into the water and mix them a bit.
Light the tealight candle and place it in the bottom of the burner and underneath the water-oil mixture. The flame will heat the water, and Scented vapor would spread through the room.
You can also use the oil in an electric diffuser suitable for aromatherapy oils.

Use Anointing oil in a car essential oil freshener clip
Drop a few drops of the Anointing oil into the pad inside the locket (to hook the aroma longer you can add a few drops of carrier oil), then close it and clip it to the car vent.
You can use it the same way with essential oil pendant locket.

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